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Why can't the rest of the world come together like this all-star group? Lifts your spirits and brightens your day.

Timbazo is an exemplary ensemble, the colorful music is so well-played. **** All About Jazz 


Beautiful, top-level: by far the most diverse and best Latin dance album of the moment. OOR 

Dazzling grooves with super strong vocals and a lot more...a huge, warm rumba party. ****1/2 Jazzism 

Liberated of all musical constraints - you are left with a feeling of pure ecstasy. ***** Latin Jazz Network 

The album is a must, this music blows you away! De Telegraaf 


This all-star ensemble delivers perfect dance rhythm in style, a big party from beginning to the end. A monstrous album. **** Drums & Percussion 

Nils Fischer & Timbazo make De Doelen sizzle to its very foundations - live even better than on the album! Zinesters, see article & photos

Mixed WorldMusicMagazine (NL): “Again a very high level. Exciting and beautiful to listen to, dancers get ready!”

Lucrecia Pérez Sáez (ES): Nils Fischer es un musicazo espectacular. El conoce como nadie nuestra música Cubana y Latina.

Este disco es la bomba, es pa’ gozar y tiene unas colaboraciones espectaculares. Espero que lo disfruten – ¡Agua!

Johannes Theurer, WDR (Germany): “This is a colossal, multicultural, danceable Salsa Dance CD. Amazing!” 

Edwin Bonilla (USA): Hasta los muertos van a revivir para bailar con este CD!

fRoots (UK): “Cooking mix of salsa & timba.”

Sticks Magazine (Germany): “Top-notch line-up, passonate, high intensity within a dazzling big-band sound.” 

Slagwerkkrant (NL): “Brillant production, non-stop groove, virtuoso performances all the way, within amazing arrangements, sharp vocals.

Beautiful melodies, at the same time irresistibly danceable.”

José Claussell, (Puerto Rico, USA): “Killing!”

Eddie Montalvo (NYC): AWESOME "recording, can't wait for more!"

Solar Latin Club (Colombia): Sensacionai - ¡un afinque que hace imposible quedarse sentado, solos demenciales!

Latin Magazine (NL): “A big party with high quality music!”

La Salsa es mi Vida (Mexico): ”Gran sonoridad, este material va dar mucho de qué hablar. El disco del año!”

Wayne Wallace (USA): “Wonderful sounding album, well thought out, great players and tons of passion!”

Tropicalidad (Belgium): “The new album of percussion master Fischer is a true workout for your dance muscles.”

Midwest Blog (USA): “A non-stop, infectious Latin groove, makes Tito Puente sound like he came from Cuba."

A high octane, happy party record that gets the real party started in ways Pink could have never imagined. Killer stuff!”

Jon Fausty (Tampa, USA): "What an album, what a beauty. It’s truly momentus - fantastic!"

Jazz (NL): think you're in a dancing crowd in Havana...!"

Beyond Magazine: "Musical exitement from the beginning to the end...every second is happening...TOPTIMBA!!!"

Petra (Germany): "...your hips start moving automatically!"

Drums & Percussion (Germany): "A daringly dexterous, energie-loaded and truly sweeping album. Get's you out of your seat in a heartbeat - check it out!!!"

Joe Cuba: "A unique concept! Congratulations - ¡Que chévere!”

Latin Beat Magazine (USA): "A spectacular debut!"

Sonny Bravo: “WOW !!! What a band! Extremely well done and is of the highest order! Very strong charts and performances! Can't wait for the next one!”

Armando Peraza: "The music is very authentic and very, very good."

Ralph Irizarry: "This has to be one of the top recordings of the year!"

Rebeca Mauleón: "Brilliantly conceived and performed tribute to one of Salsa’s unsung heroes...each and every track explodes with fire!"

Orestes Vilató: "...lots of swing and energy all the time!"

John Santos: "...swings like crazy!!!"

Bobby Sanabria: "...explosive rhythm section...the hippest dance music around..."

Herencia Latina (Colombia): "... una joya que deberia estar en la colección de cada melomano que realmente se respete." (USA): "...cutting-edge arrangements..." (USA): "...horns blaring, percussions faster than the speed of light and singers just spitting fire...!"

Salsaholic (Germany): "Breath-taking!"

Latinmusik., Switzerland: "Superb!"

Salsapaca (FR): "...una producción vigorosa y rebozante de entusiasmo...contiene además aquel ingrediente que está

frecuentemente ausente en la industria salsera moderna: El Sabor...

QuePasaMagazine, Great Britain: "...very authentic enjoyable album..."

OkaSalsa (Japan): "Los amantes de la música latina deben tenerlo!"

Mambo-Master, Germany: "Very modern, excellently arranged and perfectly recorded album..incredible rhythm-section..."

Slagwerkkrant (NL): "Extremely energetic - seems to jump out of your speakers...fresh with a lot of rhythmic surprises..."

Off-Beat, Germany: “Excellent, powerpercussion!”

Vinilemania, Italy: "A CD that will be talked about and that will remain in the case of many DJ's for a long time to come..."

DJ Margarita (USA): "If you like your Salsa "Red & Hot", & with plenty of "Swing",

then you'll most definitely want to add this CD to your incredible tribute to the days of Joe Cuba."

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